Visual Merchandising Skills

South East College

Delivery Method: Online

Programme Length: 12 hours

Assessment Details: Online Assessment

Course Overview: When a customer enters a retail store they do so with their five senses on high alert. These senses are: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Sight and hearing are the most powerful of these senses as it is what a customer sees and hears that makes them a customer or not!

Programme Benefits: This eCourse aims to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the principles of visual merchandising and the principles of display design and installation. It also focuses on the importance of visual merchandising in relation to brand identity.

Eligibility Criteria: This eCourse is suitable whether you are new to the retail sector or you wish to upskill yourself within your current retail role, or one you aspire to!

Unit Names:

  1. Window Displays
  2. Promoting Merchandise Using Events and Props
  3. Planning and Installing Window and Store Displays
  4. Maximising Sales Using Floor Layouts and Product Adjacencies
  5. Visual Merchandising Product Preparation and Handling