About Us

ATHE are a global awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators. We work with more than 280 recognised centres in over 55 countries to complement our strong brand presence in the UK.

ATHE qualifications are approved as a progression route pathway to relevant Bachelor’s, Master’s and Top Up degrees by a growing number of UK and international Universities, providing significant tertiary education opportunities for our learners.

ATHE’s Mission Statement

The ATHE mission is to provide outstanding qualifications, customer service and support, enabling centres to thrive and their learners to achieve and progress. We will support this mission by:

  • providing qualifications which enable learners to fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution to society both socially and economically
  • provide information, advice and guidance to students to facilitate their progression
  • upholding and maintaining the quality and standards of qualifications and assessments
  • having a commitment to lifelong learning and development

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