Sales Productivity 101

South East College

Delivery Method: Online

Programme Length: 12 hours

Assessment Details: Online Assessment

Course Overview: A new Public Business Tender arrives – to bid or not to bid? You need to interpret the tender document confidently and clearly as well as understand the steps involved to produce a professional tender proposal and to become a final contender in the competition. Not every public tender issued that is of interest to you is worth the effort of tendering. Sometimes the right decision is not to bid.

Programme Benefits: This eCourse aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competence to create an effective sales strategy to increase the productivity of the sales team and the overall sales function of the business, by applying the measures and tools presented within this eCourse.

Eligibility Criteria: This eCourse is suitable for sales directors responsible for the performance of a sales team, sales leaders who have responsibility of an individual sales target, new businesses ready to invest in a sales team and existing businesses lacking direction and structure in their sales function.

Unit Names:

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Leads, Pipeline Momentum & Conversion
  3. Setting a Sales Leader Up for Success
  4. Closing the Sale