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The Learning at Work department is part of the University of Portsmouth which has a history dating back to 1869.  We have over 31,000 students of which 5200 are international students from 150 countries.

The Learning at Work department has been delivering distance learning courses for over 25 years.  We have over 500 students from many countries throughout the world.  We offer 23 course titles at levels 4, 6 and 7 allowing people in work to study at the same time.  A full list of the courses we offer is below:

Undergraduate – Level 4

Certificate in Higher Education – Professional Studies (new for Sept 21)

Undergraduate – Level 6:

BA (Hons) Business

BA (Hons) Business and Computing Studies

BSc (Hons) Applied Computing

BSc (Hons) Applied Science

BSc (Hons) Creative Technologies and Enterprise

BSc (Hons) Engineering Studies

BSc (Hons) Engineering and Management Studies

BSc (Hons) Engineering Project Management

BSc (Hons) Maritime Studies

BSc (Hons) Professional Studies

BA (Hons) Professional Studies

Post Graduate Certificate – Level 7:

Post Graduate Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management (DL)

Masters – Level 7:

MA Business and Computer Studies

MA Business Management

MA Professional Studies

MSc Applied Computing

MSc Applied Science

MSc/MA Professional Studies

MSc Engineering

MSc Engineering and Management

MSc Engineering Project Management

MSc Maritime Studies

MSc Occupational Health and Safety Management

MSc Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Progression pathways from ATHE qualification to the University of Portsmouth

ATHE qualifications allow learners to progress to Learning at Work, which allow learners to study while working, so saving travel costs, as all learning is via distance learning.  Learners study a combination of mandatory modules, work-based projects and optional modules.  We allocate credits for each ATHE qualification, so you study remaining credits to achieve your Degree or Master’s Degree.  For example, if you have studied ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management, you could receive 120 credits at level 7, so leaving you to study 60 credits to achieve your Master’s qualification. (RPL is not formally agreed until your application form is assessed)

These Learning at Work degree pathways provide the following benefits to ATHE learners:

Gain a university qualification without taking a career break
Opportunity to achieve professional recognition
Tailor your learning to suit you and your employer
You don’t need to attend University, saving on accommodation and travel costs
Your existing knowledge can count towards your degree, which reduces the amount of time you need to study and the cost
All teaching and learning materials can be found on our Virtual Learning Environment, which can be accessed anywhere at anytime

Course Structure:

You have the unique opportunity to determine the content, which consists of work-based projects and optional taught modules.

Your study will consist of:

1) A Learning Management module – which helps you plan your learning and prepare you for doing research and writing reports

2) Distance Learning taught modules – a selection of modules ranging from Business to Engineering to Health and Safety and many others

3) Work-based learning projects – these are projects selected by you that are based in work, benefit both you and the employer

The Learning at Work degrees have two enrolments in September and January, so email us to enquire about our courses.

Any ATHE learners, who are interested in this Progression Pathway, please contact by:


Tel:  +44 (0) 2392 846260

The Learning at Work degrees have two enrolments in September and January, so email us to enquire about our courses.