Sexual Health… Matters

(Health and Wellbeing Suite)

South East College Ltd.

Delivery Method: Online

Programme Length: 8 weeks (12 hours)

Assessment Details: Online Assessment

Course Overview: Most people assume that sexual health relates to either being healthy or having a sexually transmitted disease, and indeed this is what is commonly dealt with by doctors. But it is much more rounded than that. Essentially there are three main elements to it; being physically, emotionally, mentally and socially well; requiring a positive and respectful approach to all aspects of sexuality; and being able to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences.

Programme Benefits: This eCourse aims to provide you with the knowledge and up to date information regarding sexual health. It will delve into physical health, preventative care, sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses, contraception, dysfunction and online safety.

Eligibility Criteria: This eCourse is suitable for teens and young adults who are looking for sexual health information, any parent who wants to upskill in preparation for discussions on sexual health with their child or person in their care or any adult or senior who is looking to improve their knowledge of sexual health.

Unit Names:

  • General Physical Health
  • Preventative Care
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Contraception
  • HIV Prevention and Treatment
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Modern Sexual Health
  • Sexual Health for Young adults and Seniors