Social Media Marketing 101

South East College

Delivery Method: Online

Programme Length: 8 hours

Assessment Details: Online Assessment

Course Overview: Building a following on social media channels improves conversion rates, and the more followers a business has, the higher the trust and credibility of the brand. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach its audience.

Programme Benefits: This eCourse aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and competence to market your brand online using social media channels and tools.

Eligibility Criteria: This eCourse is suitable for start-up sole traders with no business support, start-up SMEs wishing to gain more knowledge following initial business support training, or employees who are ambitious and want to use up-skilling to gain position status.

Unit Names:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Traditional Meets Social Media Marketing
  • Branding Online
  • An Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Video & Photography for Your Business
  • How to Create a Social Media Campaign Made Easy
  • Social Media Etiquette and Dealing with Negative Comments